We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Quality, not quantity


Congrats to you both, now the rings are on your fingers, you start researching your photographer and realise how overwhelming it's becoming. Sooo many photographers, sooo much previewing done between FB and insta chats with your friends. You come to understand the stress your sister, besties or someone went through and think, how do you choose the right photographer and what do you look for. Subconsciously, snuggled up to each other it pops in your heads during your favorite Netflix series.

It's okay, we have some suggestions that may help ease your anxiety.

1. It's a Wedding - You will make your life easier by identifying a Wedding Photographer that specialises in Weddings and a safer option due to their experience. It also gets you to your goal quicker than being sidetracked by a smorgasbord of other photographers specialising outside of Weddings.

2. Style - Wedding photographers all have different styles of photographing, lighting their work, editing, posing and working with couples. The style of photos and editing you want is important on the photographer you choose. Stalk websites, FB, instagram to see their past and latest work.

3. Quotes and Prices - This can work according to a package you choose or with a tailored quote if packages are not for you. Check if a tailored quote is an option. Packages are usually the works such as albums, e-shoot, canvas, leather cases, something not every girl wants or needs. If you have a set budget that allows you a good photographer you should be fine. If you're on a mighty tighty with no room to move dosh around, a descent photographer can be harder to find. It is a one time in a life time moment, and you want to make sure it is captured well and to your liking.

4. Meet Up - Check in for a face to face with different photographers to vibe and click out. You want to work with a person who you feel comfortable and get along with. Not all photographers are socially apt but their work is great.

Booking - Don't think too long if you vibed with a photographer at a meet up. Hook and book straight away before it's blocked. Congratulations if you secured your booking. Your shout! For you deep thinkers that missed out, repeat steps one to five and get in early.

Congrats again and good luck!